The Tamburica Trausdorf is one of the oldest, as well one of the most successful Tamburica-ensembles in all of Burgenland. Throughout the years the group has had many performances, in Austria as well as outside their home country, and has recorded numerous sound-carriers

The Tamburica group of Trausdorf was first established in 1934 by school Principal Adalbert Kuzmich, the group mainly consisting of the members of the church choir.
Unfortunately, due to World War II breaking out the group had to be broken up. In 1959, however, Adalbert Kuzmich decided to continue the musical journey, making this the official foundation year.

In the beginning only men formed the group and it consisted of 14 members. The first performances were held in Trausdorf and the musicians wore mere black pants, white shirts and neckties, which contrast the traditional looking costumes nowadays.
Even though the start was rather lacklustre, the interest in the traditional music grew fast, so fast in fact, that in 1962 there were so many members that an individual junior-group had been able to be founded. This was the first year as well in which women were allowed to perform in the group as well.
Another event in this year was that Adalbert Kuzmich’s son Otto took over the adult group, the senior still being in charge of the younger generation.

Sadly, in 1970, Adalbert passed away, leaving Otto as the sole leader of the Tamburica. That was when also when the repertory had to be expanded – solely performing the folklore music was not cutting it anymore. The group’s program henceforth included religious as well as concert-style music and the traditional music was made more endearing with the introduction of traditional dances.

Having lead the Tamburica Trausdorf for many years completely alone, Otto Kuzmits made his son Wolfgang in charge of the adult group in 1992, he himself taking over the juniors, just as his father Adalbert had done. The focus of the group shifted to improving their playing and performance skills as well as expanding their repertory again. Nowadays, the focus still lies heavily on the traditional folklore music but newer, more current, pieces have found their way in the group’s program.

Since the foundation of the Tamburica Trausdorf back in 1959 over 500 musicians have learned playing the Tamburica under the teachings of the Kuzmtis family.
In those long years the group has produced 16 sound carriers, including vinyls, cassettes and CDs. The newest production carries the name “Ljubav Nova Stara” (New Old Love) and represents the growth of the group with the inclusion of old favourites but as well as completely new titles.



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